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In order to help me to create the absolute most effective personalized strategy for your success, and to give me as much to work with as possible to prepare for your free ShredMentor Strategy Session, please tell me as much about yourself, your goals, your hopes, & your dreams as you possibly can.  

Please be detailed! One-word answers won't enable me to give you the best help I can give you, and they definitely won't help YOU advance. The more I know about what you want to be able to do, the more directly I can help you to carve your own custom path to get there.

Also! Don't limit your goals and aspirations to what you might think is "realistic" at the moment - describe your perfect, ideal situation! If you want to be the best guitarist in history, say it. If you want to sell out stadium concerts, sell millions of albums, become world famous, or anything else that real people have done, then you know it is possible because it has been done before - so tell me!

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Don't hold back or try to be "realistic" based on your current situation. If any human beings are doing it, it's realistic.
(Things that actually affect your physical ability to play the instrument)